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Wallpainting Examples

Gilded rosette with gold-leaf decorations  - Salone del Mobile, Milan


Venetian Villas Room - Abitare il Tempo, Verona


Trompe l'oeil at BelCor Interiors - Salone del Mobile, Milan


Café Clemente VIII - Athens - Fresco for ceiling - cm 250x600


Setting of a bathroom with fresco and boiserie - Salone del Mobile, Milan


Setting with fresco and boiserie - Salone del Mobile, Milan


Meeting Room, Salionti Company - Vicenza


Private Villa - Milan - Italy - Customized decorations


Castle of Montalfeo - Pavia - Italy - Frescos realization in medieval style


Fresco for restaurant - USA - cm 250x550


Private villa - Ancona - Personalized frescos realization 


Showroom "Tessitura e Confezioni Rapetti" - Cassolnovo, Pavia


Presidential Palace -  Mali - Africa - cm. 190x350


Hotel Westin - Guatemala - Personalized motif - cm 250x1.032


Mikuni Restaurant - Tokyo - Japan - The Last Supper, Leonardo Da Vinci - cm 280x450


Private villa - Florida - USA - cm 250x350


Private villa - Moscow - Russia - cm 250x480

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